1. Identify scientific actions for the development of research on the Society of Jesus;
  2. Disseminate international studies on the Jesuits, with priority for those produced by SIEJ members;
  3. Support and develop research of an interdisciplinary methodology on the Society of Jesus;
  4. Gather financial resources, including through partnerships with academic institutions and international organizations, especially at an European level and through cultural and scientific philanthropy, in compliance with applicable legislation, to sponsor research projects, notably by awarding doctoral and post-doctoral scholarships and rewarding the best work done by young researchers.


  1. Promote the exchange of researchers and professors who study and teach in areas related to the history of the Society of Jesus;
  2. Encourage educational initiatives, through training and other mediums in order to publicize this field of research and its possibilities for understanding the modern and contemporary worlds;
  3. Develop scientific activities: conferences, congresses, meetings, and exhibitions, in partnership with other institutions;
  4. Create and maintain a web portal in various languages;
  5. Promote online critical editions, to build a “Bibliotheca Jesuitica”;
  6. Build an online Bibliography specialized in Jesuit studies.


  1. Establishment of an Executive Management;
  2. Establishment of a Scientific Council;
  3. Creation of the SIEJ Association;
  4. Creation of a website;
  5. Launching of the first action program proposed by the Executive Management in consultation with the Scientific Council.

All of these objectives are proposed in a spirit of strict cooperation, starting with the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies, recently established in the Boston College and also with the Archivum Historicum Societatis Iesu journal from Rome. The principle of the SIEJ initiative is that of an association based in Europe and independent from the Society of Jesus itself. But it will be essential to build a privileged cooperation with North American research, itself largely global, and with the work produced by Jesuit historians.

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