The SIEJ is an international scientific organization that brings together researchers from many areas: Social and Cultural History of the modern world, History of Science and knowledge, History of Theology and Philosophy, History of Education, Educational Sciences, Political Sciences, Economic Sciences, History of Geography, Architecture, visual Arts, etc. All of these researchers are gathered together from their respective areas of expertise with a common goal, that is the production of critical knowledge on the subject of the Society of Jesus and all the aspects of this Order in the course of a 450-year-old history throughout the world.

The ever growing interest in the history of the Jesuits in the last twenty years among researchers from disparate international academic institutions has led us to take the initiative to create a scientific society that brings together all those who develop and produce qualified expertise on this Order, which has left its mark on the religious, political, cultural, artistic, philosophical, theological, educational and scientific history of the modern era until the present day. More importantly, it has opened a perspective of singular richness of the history of the modern world, due to the wealth of its sources and its long-term historiography.

Recent developments in research made on the Society of Jesus after the time of its suppression until that of its restoration in the nineteenth century have provided an additional dimension to this field of study, offering new possibilities for the analysis of the transitional processes between old regime societies and major European colonial empires, as well as the building of nation-states in the context of the “second colonization”, wars and political processes for national independence.

The SIEJ is not defined as an association for promoting the historical heritage of the Society of Jesus, but as an instrument for promoting this history as a privileged way of understanding world history, through its sources, its scale and its influence in multiple fields.

This international scientific association is defined as a platform to promote the creation of exchange networks in the research community for a very broad field. A set of instruments will be created to make the sharing of this knowledge effective: a web portal, dynamic bibliography, scientific meetings, a collection of online publications, a newsletter, doctoral and post-doctoral scholarships, academic exchanges, etc., with all instruments and materials adapted to the new research conditions in our current globalized environment.

This platform will allow directly involved researchers and the general public to have a new form of access on sources and works on the Society of Jesus.

The SIEJ is legally defined as an association of public international law, and its scientific and management bodies are elected by the vote of its members. It will consist of an Executive Board, Executive Management and Scientific Council.

The SIEJ welcomes researchers whose research and scientific work on the Jesuits is included in the most diverse fields mentioned above.

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