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The SIEJ is an international scientific organization that brings together researchers from many areas. All of these researchers are gathered together from their respective areas of expertise with a common goal, that is the production of critical knowledge on the subject of the Society of Jesus and all the aspects of this Order in the course of a 450-year-old history throughout the world.

Privileged Instrument

The SIEJ is not defined as an association for promoting the historical heritage of the Society of Jesus, but as an instrument for promoting this history as a privileged way of understanding world history, through its sources, its scale and its influence in multiple fields.

Everyone is Welcome

The SIEJ welcomes researchers whose research and scientific work on the Jesuits is included in the most diverse fields mentioned above.

Outside Perspective

The principle of the SIEJ initiative is that of an association based in Europe and independent from the Society of Jesus itself. But it will be essential to build a privileged cooperation with North American research, itself largely global, and with the work produced by Jesuit historians.


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